Participation in Mikdash will require an investment of time and money over the two years in the program. For our pilot cohort, we are seeking synagogues of any denomination based in the Northeast with a membership of between 300-800 families.

Synagogues most likely to succeed are those who show evidence of much of the following:

  • Lay and professional leadership who demonstrate an openness to change, innovation, transparency and collaboration
  • Communities with stable or growing membership with potential for growth
  • Synagogues who are actively diversifying their offerings and looking to respond to the needs of the community in the 21st century
  • Leadership structure that includes full time senior level administrative staff
  • Communities that engage members of all ages and stages of life
  • Have the capacity and willingness to undergo a year-long external strategic planning process and to raise funds to contribute to its success
  • Have undergone a rabbinic leadership transition within the last 5 years
  • Prepared to learn from this experience, and share learnings with the foundation by participating in ongoing evaluations (to ensure we learn from this pilot, too!)